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First floor of Police Station Defence Colony,
Near Moolchand Hospital,
New Delhi -110049
Phone: 011-26262260 (PRO)

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Details of Officers

K.K Vyas (Addl/CP)

fone Office No. 26261525

Asif Mohd. Ali(DCP)

fone Office No. 26261939

Poornima Panthri(ACP/Eating/Press)

fone Office No. 26262273

Ravinder Kumar Tyagi (ACP)

Present Posting - Arms

fone Office No. 26262259

Abhirup Banerjee (ACP)

Present Posting - Hotel/Cinema/CPL/HQ

fone Office No. 26262396

Rajender Singh

Present Posting - ADMN., PRESS,ACCTT

fone 26251309

Pradeep Singh (Inspr )

Present Posting - CINEMA


Raman Pratap (Inspr)

Present Posting - Arms


Jitender Tyagi

Present Posting - PA TO DCP

fone 26262273

Suresh Sharma

Present Posting - PA TO Addl. CP

fone 26261525

Rajesh Kumar Mishra (Inspr )

Present Posting - Eating


Sushil Kumar (Inspr )

Present Posting - Hotel


Khushal Singh (Inspr Exe)

Present Posting - CPL


Tara Pande

Web Manager-IT

Sharad Kumar

Web Manager-IT